Its all about being able to encapsulate a vision which is the high level standard of Mens Fashion. #Futurism
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It’s Time.

Today marks 2yrs since this incident. It wasnt a set back but a set up to unleash the greater things we were meant to receive. Through Gods grace, We were safe. We received better.

Simphiwe Dana - Bantu Biko Street

Noba esisipaji
Singenayw’ imali
Ndosiphatha xa ndihamb’ eBantu Biko Street
Wathi qala ngaphakathi
Noba esisiqhova
Ndosithwala dade
Ngugi wandifundisa

Denim Duel Day. #FashionFriday #MENSWEAR

D E S I G N L I F E.

20 things about me as nominated by @macnawdy @leleaux_ @mpumeigh_xx
1. Born in Kwa-Thema then moved to Vosloo
2. Amkelo is my name. Not Samkelo or whatever decorated version.
3. Ngiyaphapha only when Im comfortable around you.
4. Im shy and meek
5. Left LISOF cause of financial strain, dropped out of SewAfrica (lets leave it there)…
6. Dont worry Im going back to Fashion School next year. Something worthy.
7. Im loyal and trustworthy
8. Stubborn
9. I get creative ideas past midnight when Im suppose to be sleeping…
10. I dont have time to hate PERIOD
11. Ive been hurt so many times yet a continue to love.
12. I fully support any individual doing well for themselves. (I hope they support me as well)
13. Not everything about my life is meant for social networks
14. Im lazy AF but I wonder how I achieve so many good things.
15. For someone who’s done only first year, I sure am a great garment constructor.
16. AMVR is my number one.
17. I work for AMEN Couture as their digital marketer.
18. Who else do you know off that has a brand that promotes another brand, huh?
19. My story is still being written.
20. Immediately when my feet hit the ground in the morning, the devil goes “Damn his up again” You cant hold me down.
I nominate those tagged.

Good Morning.

@muzii_cos wearing the ClassOverSwagg & AMVR S/S ‘14 Menswear grey classic fold trouser & tartan tee. #ComingSoon

Blues and Browns. Todays details.

To the Fearles Afrikan. Happy Birthday

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